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presawash portable washing machineThe main advantages of using a portable washing machine such as the Presawash, Wonder Wash and other similar table top washing machines are the cost savings in electricity and soap powder.

Since running washing machines and heating the water for a washing machine increases gas and electricity bills it's useful to see what washing alternatives are available.

Hand-operated washing machines have long been popular with caravanners, campers and boaters but with many people now needing to reduce expenditure, the portable washing machine is becoming sought after for mainstream home use, both as a substitute for a larger washing machine or as a back-up washing machine. Unfortunately few hand-operated washing machines are still being manufactured so the best place to find one is on eBay

Portable washing machines for sale

Top choices amongst retro portable washing machines are either the Presawash or Wonder Wash.

wonder wash portable washing machineAlthough table top washing machines are easy and quick to use, after washing, the clothes still need to be rinsed and dried. Clothing can be rinsed using the portable washer again, using lukewarm water, or by hand, or by using the rinse cycle in a washing machine.

When it comes to drying, one option is to use a spin dryer in combination with an electric clothes dryer.

A spin dryer only uses electricity for 3-5 minutes and an electric clothes dryer can cost as little as 1p an hour to run - and there is always line-drying outside, weather permitting.

Furthermore, if you can find an old wringer or mangle you can eliminate the need for a spin dryer and reduce costs even further.

Another method of washing laundry without using electricity is to use a bucket and a vintage Victorian posser or posher to push up and down on the wet laundry in a bucket or tub to drive out the dirt.

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